Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink Refill, 2-ounce Bottle,, Excellent! I love it

The week ago. I search for information on the Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink Refill, 2-ounce Bottle, Black (S0037460), so i would like to describe here.

good ink. writes smooth and the flow is good. great for taking notes or writing temporary messages. If you are filling out important documents, signing contracts, write checks, or something that needs ink, archival quality (not fade with time and weather), you will need to use "black bulletproof Noodler." Parker Quink ink is not permanent--not for important writing. the ink wash away and can be easily removed with a little effort. great for:-notes-Handwritting

Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink Refill,

Choose between the noble ritual of bottle-filling, or the convenience and practicality of cartridges. Added lubricity to let pen glide smoothly across paper. Resists fading while it protects pen. Parker Quink inks are specially designed and formulated to the most exacting standards to ensure that Parker products deliver faultless performance. Limited warranty guarantees product .... Read more or Check Price


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